• The Super Fire Ball - an 80-foot-tall (Template:Rnd m) single loop ride that flips its riders upside around and back around 13 times a minute.
  • The Rattler - voted one of the Top 25 Wooden Coasters in the world. A 3,000-foot-long (Template:Rnd m) wooden roller coaster that reaches speeds of 47 miles per hour with a 100-foot-long (Template:Rnd m) underground tunnel.
  • The Sidewinder - a spinning pendulum that seats 24 people and swings to an angle of 120 degrees and 80 feet off the ground.
  • The Cliff Hanger - a 12 passenger ride that goes to 120 feet, then drops 80 feet in a free-fall at 47 miles per hour.
  • The Musik Express - a fast, high capacity ride that moves in a fluid up and down circular motion with over 2000 lights and an awesome sound system. Bought from Panama City Beach, Florida's Miracle Strip Amusement Park.
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